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9 reviews for 1 Copy Standard US Shipping of Before The Stories Are Lost

  1. Joe B.

    Pat has had a hell of a lot of fun!!! More than one man should. I couldn’t quit reading after I started. Been laughing the entire time too. I was really surprised how crooked those big ranchers were (probably still are). Pat is a hell of a storyteller. I’ll buy his next book if he writes one.

  2. Jamie Cardwell

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Pat has lived a colorful, eventful, and amazing life. I could feel his pain at the end when things had changed, and he could no longer do what he loved. Two of my favorite things come from Texas, The Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jeff Walker. Pat is now my third favorite.

  3. Chuck Killian

    Great book!!!!!! I received it today and couldn’t put it down till I finished it. I could listen to your stories all day.

  4. Marsha Poelma

    Got my copy and love it. My grandparents lived in Falfurrias, Texas, and some of the stories talked about the history of that area.

  5. Steve Evans

    I just got done reading this book cover to cover. I read it from 8pm to 2am and I couldn’t put it down. By far one of the best books I’ve read. The part about forcing Charlie to put a shirt ono and the nuns had me laughing harder than I should at 1 in the morning. Thank you for the fantastic read.

  6. Tommy

    Great job! Really enjoyed the book.

  7. J. Cardwell

    “F-Them!! Grandpa didn’t leave me any buffaloo to shoot”!! Lord, I laughed my ass off when I read that!! Book gets better the more I read.

  8. Brandon Dement

    Enjoyed the history and the stories told. I’ve heard stories all my life about jumping the fence and dealing with the King Ranch on outlaw hunting and other sketchy stuff not associated with hunting. Great book.

  9. Stephen J.

    Love the stories and love how much you are devoted to autism and your daughter’s foundation! I listened to all your podcasts and looking forward to hearing your audiobook

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