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About Pat

Stitches, Surfing, and Becoming a Man: My Texas Ranch Odyssey

The tales trace back to the 18th century, a time when unfiltered history unfolded in the heart of Texas. Understanding the origins of those magnificent ranches requires a glimpse into the past. The outlaw hunting narratives kick off in 1910 when a solitary King Ranch bull held greater value than the entire ranch teeming with colossal whitetails.

My path diverged from my father’s expectations. Instead of pursuing a baseball career, I transitioned from privilege to adversity by the tender age of 10. Venturing into the countryside with my brothers-in-law, both raised in Premont, toughened me swiftly. A rift with my father at 15 led me down a wild path. Post-high school, I sought adventure in California, riding waves and chasing good times.

An unfortunate accident left me with over a hundred stitches, and I convalesced at my mother’s home in Falfurrias. At 18, I arrived as a teenager but departed as a man. Herein lies my story—a firsthand account of growing up in the countryside and witnessing the genesis of Texas’ infamous ranches.

Pat D. Lane


Why Read Before the Stories are Lost?

Exploring Texas’ Hidden Narratives:

Explore Texas’ rich cultural tapestry with an autographed copy of “Before the Stories are Lost” by Pat D. Lane. Immerse yourself in vivid descriptions of rural Texas life, capturing its essence. This essential read for history enthusiasts unveils hidden tales shaping the unique culture and traditions of the Lone Star State.

Step into the Past

A Timeless Connection

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Pat’s Personal Mission

Children’s Oasis Foundation

Pat’s mission is to provide donations to his daughter’s organization. Children’s Oasis Foundation is a charitable 501C3 dedicated to working with children who are neurodiverse and their families. Pat has an office inside Oasis Academy, a school for children with autism and with related mental health and developmental disabilities. It is the mission of Oasis to make an impact in the lives of unique children so they can live purposeful lives in the community.

Message From Pat

The last page in the book is my favorite story and I didn’t even write it. Maybe your family has been impacted by autism just like mine. Thank you for your support of our mission to create programs for those individuals out there that out live their caregivers.
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