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Take a look at that hellacious buck! A friend of mine sent me this picture and told me who and where this one was taken this year. It turns out that I have known the man who got him and the ranch the buck was taken on. It was over 50 years ago when I […]

Chronic Waste Disorder in Texas

The first case recorded of Chronic Waste Disorder (CWD) in the family Cervidae (deer) in 1967 occurred near Montrose Colorado. The infected animal came from a breeding pen of mule deer. Since 2012, TP&W has recorded 504 cases of the disease here in the Lone Star State. With the majority of the cases occurring to […]

The Future of Hunting

The activity known as hunting has evolved into an enterprise that not in my lifetime could one imagine it would result in this practice today. The opinions and observations within I claim to be mine. That of a native Texan who has lived long enough to witness these changes to what I believe to be […]

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